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  • Hiring IATSE Local 122 Employees: How and Why

    Many employers, production companies, and facilities have learned the advantage of hiring IATSE Local 122

    In fact, more and more facilities are requiring that companies use our personnel because they know we will take care of their building and provide a safe and reliable workforce. Our crews know the buildings they work in and make sure specific protocols are followed in order to provide a safe place for attendees to enjoy their events. Event organizers appreciate a regular group of faces and enjoy collaborating with the people they know in order to produce the finest show possible.

    IATSE 122 Crews cost you less

    IATSE Local 122 represents career professionals. We are successful and enjoy the work we do. We also love our families and our time at home. We want to help you produce a successful show in the least amount of time that is safely possible. Our professionals have many years of experience and have produced some of the finest shows in the USA.

    Some "less-experienced" employers make the mistake of thinking that IATSE crews cost your show a lot more money than non-union crews. They see a higher hourly rate for each position, plus the cost of benefits on top of that and feel that their show can not incur these costs. However, IATSE Local 122 crews put your show up with fewer personnel in a smaller amount of time than any local non-union crews. Also, we have very experienced professionals who can run your show at every technical position.

    Consider these costs when using a non-union workforce:

    • Transportation
    • Lodging
    • Per Diem
    • The extended amount of time your larger non-union crew takes to put your show up
    • Last minute expenditures from crew members
    • Worker injuries
    • The cost of a less safe work environment

    You will quickly find that in the end, IATSE Local 122 will produce your show for a lower cost. Because we are career professionals, we enjoy our work, appreciate our co-workers, are efficient with our time, and ensure a safe workplace.

    We are not a company. IATSE Local 122 is simply an organization of industry professionals with common goals. IATSE Local 122 does not make a profit, and your payroll does not get split-up to the organization. Our operation costs are covered by the employees directly. All the money you spend goes directly to our employees. There is no middle man. You do not pay a percentage to a labor broker. The benefit percentages go directly to our employee benefit trust funds and the educational expenses go directly to training our personnel The money you spend goes directly to the employees, and because of that the employees appreciate the work environment and produce a more successful show.

    Get all of the crew you need with just one call

    What do you need? Do you need over 100 crew professionals in a variety of department specialties to load in a large theatre musical? Does your large corporate client have a huge event that has to be built in one day at a convention center? Do you need a head rigger to design your grid? Do you need 80 A/V operators in 3 different buildings? Maybe all you need is an experienced audio engineer and a video switcher. Maybe you don't know what you need, because you need a technical director to work it all out for you.

    No Problem. All you need to do is contact us with one call and we will make all of the phone calls and organize your crew for you. Your crew will show up and be ready to work on time. Do you already have a contract and are ready to request a crew now? Then try filling out our Labor Request Form. It will be submitted to our business agent and call stewards immediately via email.

    Whether you require technical directors, production managers, moving light programmers, audio engineers, high riggers, camera operators, scenic carpenters or any other kind of stagehand, IATSE 122 will fill your needs. We’ll provide professional stagehands when and where you need them, leaving you free to focus on making your production a success.

    We’ve stood the test of time

    IATSE 122 has been in San Diego for over 110 years. Internationally, the IA has over 100,000 members. The decision to hire IATSE 122 is a decision to hire a stable workforce that is in the technical support business for the long term.

    Contact us today for a complimentary estimate for your production.

    Common Questions

    My company is not set-up to take care of payroll in California, is there another option?

    Yes. IATSE Local 122 has a contract with a local payroll service that can take care of your payroll and worker's compensation insurance. Contact us today and we will get you setup in a way that will meet your needs.

    There is a specialist in your area that I would like to use, but I am not sure if they are a member of your union - can I still use them?

    Probably. Our contracts cover many different specialties that require our membership to be a part of. Give us the name and contact information of the crew member you would like to be part of your show, and we will contact them for you. As long as they are available and willing to sign-up on our hiring roster, then we can give them the call for your show. Often, we find that these people are already signed up with IATSE Local 122.

    My company works in San Diego often, and there are a few people we like to see on every show. Can we request those individuals?

    Absolutely. Crew Requests are appreciated. There is a notes area in the Labor Request Form which will allow you to put in specific requests. Since many of our technicians have multiple specialties, make sure to include what position you would like to see that person in. Requests are given priority, however, IATSE Local 122 does need to keep the overall benefit of the employee in mind. It is not unusual for a requested employee to not be available because they are already booked for a show during those dates which will benefit that member greater in the long run.

    The facility my show is going into seems to have so many union regulations and requirements. I am having trouble keeping it all strait. I don't know who to contact for what crew.

    Contact us. IATSE Local 122 has a good relationship with many other unions in the area. We work in collaboration with these unions and we can help you make sure your shows go off without any interference. Because the unions in San Diego collaborate is solidarity, we are able to help our employers make the right decisions to make sure they receive the best service possible from their employees.

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  • International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, It's territories and Canada, AFL-CIO, CLC, Local 122 - San Diego

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