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    Labor Headlines

    US labor news headlines from LabourStart

    McDonald's workers say anti-harassment efforts fall short
    Censoring Labor (Sep. 27, 2006)
    Unions Labor to Grow in SF
    Marciano Art Foundation lays off employees, closes to public until further notice
    Hecla Mining Co. and Lucky Friday workers reach tentative agreement to end two year strike
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  • Testing Information
    Print Icon Oct 23, 2019


    The Pre-Apprentice program is designed to allow anyone to acquire the skills needed to become a qualified stage professional in the entertainment industry. Once the applicant has completed his or her required hours in the Pre-Apprentice program, that person is required to take the Apprenticeship test. Once this test has been taken and the application is accepted by the International, than this person becomes an Apprentice member of IATSE Local 122. The Apprenticeship program last 3 years. An Apprentice is expected to concentrate on learning the details of becoming a professional stagehand, as well as learn the procedures and expectations of unionism in our industry. 6 months before the apprenticeship is complete, the applicant is given the opportunity to take the Journeyman test. The applicant may petition the executive board to take the test early, but this is only allowed by the executive boards discretion. If the applicant does not pass the Journeyman test on the first attempt, then they are given another opportunity to take the test again at the end of they're apprenticeship. Once the Journeyman test is passed, and all paperwork is filed and accepted by the International, then the applicant becomes a full Journeyman member of IATSE Local 122.

    The Apprentice Test

    This test is simply for evaluation purposes only. It is taken after the applicant completes the required hours of the pre-apprentice program. This gives the applicant a sample of what the Journeyman test will require. After taking the test, the applicant goes over each question of the test with the testing committee and examines what that person needs to concentrate on during their apprenticeship. You can not keep this test or take it home, but it is kept on file and you can ask to view it at the hall. Allow about 4 hours total to take the test and review with the testing committee.

    The Journeyman Test

    This test is required and you only have 2 opportunities to take it. Membership relies on the applicant taking this test seriously. Each section of the test is scored separately and the combined score of the all sections determines a pass or fail. This is a detailed and expanded version of the Apprentice Test. You are allowed a macimum of 5 hours to take this test. Most people require 3 to 4 hours to complete the test. There is not a review after taking the test, and you will be notified of your score after is has been graded - usually within a week after taking the test. Your test is kept on file at the hall.

    Study Guides

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  • International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, It's territories and Canada, AFL-CIO, CLC, Local 122 - San Diego

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