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    Labor Headlines

    US labor news headlines from LabourStart

    McDonald's workers say anti-harassment efforts fall short
    Censoring Labor (Sep. 27, 2006)
    Unions Labor to Grow in SF
    Marciano Art Foundation lays off employees, closes to public until further notice
    Hecla Mining Co. and Lucky Friday workers reach tentative agreement to end two year strike
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  • IATSE Local 122 Pre-Apprentice Program
    Print Icon Oct 23, 2019

    The Pre-Apprentice Program, also known as the Intern Program, is designed to allow anyone the opportunity to develop the skills, procedures, and requirements to become an experienced member of the IATSE and contribute those skills to a successful career. By completing all of the requirements of the Pre-Apprentice Program, you will be accepted into IATSE Local 122 as an Apprentice member.

    This is what you do to enter into, and complete, the pre-apprentice program:

    • Turn in a resume to IATSE Local 122 Union Hall. Resumes accepted on Wednesday's only from 9am-11:30am and 12pm-4:30pm. 
    • Your resume will be reviewed by the hiring staff and kept for 6 months.
    • Once your resume is reviewed and accepted, you will then be contacted to come in and fill out an application to get on the work referral list.
    • Once your application and your paperwork is complete, you will be entered into the Pre-Apprentice program. You will receive Signature Cards for Training Venues and Non-Training Venues.
    • Fill out Signature Cards supplied by the hall.
      • Write your name on the top of each of your signature cards!
      • Signature cards are filled out on the job site and signed by the Steward or Department Head. When the Steward and Department Heads are busy, any journeyman member who can vouch for your hours is authorized to sign your signature cards.
    • When your signature card is full, or close to full, turn it into the hall and receive another one. The hall is NOT responsible for keeping track of your hours! It is advised that you keep a photo-copy of your signature cards as well. (See "Signature Cards" below for more information)
    • Participate in required meetings and classes offered to pre-apprentices.
    • Once you have completed the required number of training & non-training hours, classes, and meeting, you are eligible to take the competency tests.
    • Taking the competency test gives you a complete evaluation of your skills and prepares you for your apprenticeship as a member of IATSE Local 122.
    • The Pre-Apprentice program normally takes about 2-3 years to complete.

    It is important to understand that failure to attend classes and meetings can result in suspension of hours. Participation in meetings and classes will help develop the skills to be an active participant of Local 122 once you have become a member.

    Even though you can enjoy some the benefits of membership as soon as you start working for IATSE Local 122, membership will entitle you to all the benefits we offer, and a voice in the processes of Local 122.

    Signature Cards

    • 2200 Training Hours required
    • 1000 Non-Training Hours required
    • Write your name on the top of your cards.
    • Only actual hours worked are counted.
    • Cards may be signed by Steward or Journeyman Department Head.
    • Cards do not have to be fully complete to be turned into the hall.
    • You must turn cards into the hall in order have hours collected. Lost cards are lost hours, and the hall does not have the resources to "figure out where you worked in the past couple months, or years".
    • Responsibility to keep track of your hours is a key part of this program. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BRING YOUR CARDS TO EVERY JOB AND GET THEM SIGNED! Going back to stewards later on and asking for a signature for a job that was completed a month ago will likely result with you NOT getting a signature.
    • It is recommended that you keep a photo-copy of your cards before turning them into the hall.

    Journeyman Members and Department Heads on a call are encouraged to help with signatures at the end of calls with large crews.

  • International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, It's territories and Canada, AFL-CIO, CLC, Local 122 - San Diego

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