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    Labor Headlines

    US labor news headlines from LabourStart

    UK : In the UK and the US, populism can't stop a declining steel industry
    Fired SF Google workers to file federal labor complaint
    Harvard Student Workers Go on Strike
    Harvard grad student workers go on strike, seeking $25 an hour minimum wage, other demands
    Some gig workers are full employees: Draft principles that fully reflect their value and compensate them fairly
    Contact Elected Officials!
  • Swearing In of Members!
    Updated On: Jun 21, 2019

    Welcome New Members!

    January, 2015:

    January, 2015, Keith Worsham

    Keith Worsham

    Febuary, 2015:

    No members sworn in.

    March, 2015:

    Eroc Eaton, Gabe Easterling, Matt Johnson, Xamacas Carpenter, Alex Morales and Amber Steinbeck

    April, 2015:

    Jeff Ward, Joshua Saunders and Alex Cluff

    May, 2015:

    No members sworn in.

    June, 2015:



    Justino Kulberg (L) and Amanda Cohen (R)

    July, 2015:

    James Williams II

    Doug Doyen

    August, 2015:

    John Chu

    September, 2015:

    Chris Luessman and Nathan Harrenstein

    October, 2015:

    Joel Dunivin

    November, 2015:

    Aaron Garcia

    January, 2016:

    Shafeek Sabir

    Dave Tucker

    May, 2016:

    Head Honchos!

    Jeff Baxter, President

    Greg Sowizdrzal, Vice President

    June, 2016:

    Ted Alexander, Nowell Helms, Jesse Caldwell, James Patrick Griffin, and Chris Rowe

    A big group this time. Welcome, Brothers!

    July, 2016:

    John 'JP' Perrillo

    Seargant at Arms

    August, 2016:

    No Members Sworn In.

    September, 2016:

    Thomas Jumper, Henry Lusson, Mike Lowe, Stephan Hoyt, Kelly Arvizu, Cory Kline. Areta MacKelvie

    Not Pictured: David Riddle.


    October, 2016:

    Andre Worsham

    February, 2017:

    Roger Lane, Theresa Pollard, Eileen Rodriguez and Matt Stevens
    Congratulations, Everybody!

    March, 2017:

    This was the a huge month for swearing in!

    23 members were sworn in from La Jolla Playhouse.

    Please help us welcome the new Journeyman members:

    Kyle Ahlquist, Deborah Allen, Mihai Antonescu, Will Bender, Bradley Bergholtz, Dwaine Best, Danielle Dunne, Chad Goss, Christine Jones, Scott Kinney, Stephanie Lee, Jannifer Mah, Tess Mattraw, Melissa Nalbach, Dylan Nielsen, Jeff Rockey, Jay Schnek, Gabriell Serbian, Kathryn Sturch, Veronica VonBorstel, Carlos Wauman, David Weiner, Ramon Wenn.

    We are very proud of all of you! #livebetterworkunion

    April, 2017:

    It is with Pride that I present the second wave of

    new Journeymen from La Jolla Playhouse.

    Nicolas Jackson, Nicole Ford, Jeri Nicolas, Megan Tuschhoff, Michael Cornforth, Andrea Ryan, Kristyn Kennedy, Tracy Graham, Claudia LaRue, Will Widick, Esther Fuentes, Rebecca Fabres.

    Welcome. We're Proud.


    Brother Richard Disbrow was sworn in as the Business Agent for IATSE, Local 122


    May, 2017

    Agatha Ventura, Dana Pickop-Luce, Jeremy Luce and Dino Spezzini

    Welcome! We're Proud!

    June, 2017

    Bryan Alflin, Jacob Bruce, Michael Doyle, Noah Feldman and Michael Wilson

    July, 2017

    Congratulations Clayton Nicodemus!

    August, 2017

    Steve Brewer

    September, 2017

    Robert Morales (Fills the E Board position vacated by David Easterling)

    Albert Rubidoux

    Kevin Hilgeman and Chantel Larpenteur

    October, 2017

    Kurt Doemelt and Haley Wolf

    November, 2017

    Jessica Jolley (Apprentice)

    Bethany Johnson (Journeyman)

    December, 2017

    Tibor Lepes and Jordana Abrenica


    January, 2018

    Katie Cardon, Andrew Zenner and Dakota Duran

    November, 2018

    Joe Williams and Francisco Barrios Jr.

    May, 2019

    SDCC Crew: Scott Hixon, Benjamin Hailey, Kyle Starrett, Ken Syson, Robert Smith

    Gil Cabrera, Convention Center Board

    Lucas O'connor, the Office of Chris Ward

  • International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, It's territories and Canada, AFL-CIO, CLC, Local 122 - San Diego

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